About ScrappyBuc

Another website focused on the Tampa Bay Bucs? Yippee, you say. There are scores of them out there, and many serve to post (and re-post) team and league news. You’ll get the odd news story here too, but reaction to news is often far more interesting than news itself, so this blog is chock full of opinions—most of them mine. Your takes are happily accepted, too—simply add them to the comments section below each post.

About me
A Tampa native, I’ve been a Bucs fan since ’76, back when the team logo looked like Vincent Price in a church hat. Like many a Buc supporter, I suffered through long and desperate seasons, and in the process developed a healthy dislike for opposing NFL teams. That led to an infamous reputation on a number of sports forums, which led to this humble little site.

Sports are a pleasant distraction for me, nothing more. I do not eat, sleep and dream football, and never have. I also don’t idolize ballplayers; in fact, with some wonderful exceptions, far too many are self-impressed meatheads. But Lord help me, I do love the game—the God-given athleticism, the intriguing tactics and schemes, the energy an the violence. There’s nothing like it.

No, I don’t look much like the red-bearded version in this site’s masthead (who on second glance looks more like a cross-dressing leprechaun). But I do confess a tendency toward strong opinion, so this place might get a bit, well, scrappy. If you’re the fan of an opposing squad, you’re more than welcome. Even though your team blows.

As for house rules, they’re simple:

• No excessive profanity. It’s boring.
• No personal attacks. It’s unnecessary.
• No revealing of personal info. It’s uncool.
• No racist or sexist language. It’s inexcusable.

Do any of the above and your comments will go poof. Otherwise, fire them cannons.

– John (Scrappy)